Reality Changers students at Jamie's Joy event in July 2014.

“Jamie’s Joy” 2014 Scholars

The following students have won over $300,000 in scholarships through a partnership between Realty Changers’ Alumni Network, the College Access Foundation of California, and the Federal Employees Scholarship Foundation. Congratulations!

Rabiah Almajid
Asha Abdirahim
Fitia Andriamaniraka
Jose Arana
Cristian Belmudez
Osvaldo Berumen
Arath Blanco
Kristina Braverman
Patricia Buenaflor
Jessie Candler
Mandeep Chhokar
Jasmine Chung
Jessica Degen
Abby Demesa
Jacqueline Estrada
Tsion Fikre
Alejandra Flores
Oliver Flores
Madeline Garcia
Luis Gay
Aaron Gober
Idette Gonzalez
Ronaldo Guadarrama-Jaimes
Taylor Harvey
Evander Jaca
Jorge Jimenez
Julie Kim
Jenny Le
Lanei Lewis
Emmanuel Llanda
Perla Lopez-Guerrero
Emmanuel Lopez
Vanessa Luna
Rochelle Medel
Belen Mejia
Alexis Mendoza
Illdeany Mendoza
Freesia Miller
Karina Miranda
Melanie Montesinos
Jose Moreno
Tenaya Morningstar
Joshua Morones
Sharay Morris
Linh Ngo
Rosa Olascoaga
Vanessa Perea
Baldiveria Perez
Judith Portillo
Jessica Quintano
Breanna Ramos
Daniel Rios
Jonathan Rivera
Joanna Rodriguez
Christalle Rosalles
Daisy Saldivar
Karina Sanchez
Gisel Santana
Catherine Silva
Kianna Simpson
Heaven Tamayo
Ruth Tinoco
Vinh To
Rachel Trinh
Kyle Underwood
Sara West
Hannah Williams
Eric Zhevel


About Jamie’s Joy

Elene and Mychael established the Jamie’s Joy Fund in memory of their 5-year-old son, Jamie , who was killed in a tragic auto accident. Instantly they knew that instead of flowers, family and friends could make contributions to a memorial fund that would honor Jamie through its giving. Thus the Jamie’s Joy Fund was created in loving memory of a boy whose life and good works were cut short on the physical plane, but whose spirit continues to inspire and give. The fund seeks to enrich the lives of all living beings by supporting activities and organizations that promote joy, love, connection and peace- attributes expressing the best of Jamie.

On July 26, 2014 Jamie’s Joy held a fundraiser and donated the proceeds to Reality Changers. This year, Jamie would have been 18 years old and graduating high school along with the Class of 2014. Reality Changers would like to honor Jamie’s life and memory by naming this year’s scholarship recipients the “Jamie’s Joy” 2014 Scholars.

To learn more at about Jamie’s Joy, please visit their official website www.JamiesJoy.org


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