The Council on Best Practices for Ivy League Admission partners with Reality Changers

The Council on Best Practices for Ivy League Admission is proud to announce a new partnership with the San Diego-based Reality Changers scholarship program.

All of Reality Changers’ current seniors will be granted guaranteed admission to Ivy League schools in the fall of 2014. The exact university to which each student was accepted became determined through a formula that included GPA and number of years participating in the Reality Changers program.

“Me going to an Ivy League? I just don’t believe it!” said April Yadsloof, a four-year participant of Reality Changers.

Disbelief was widespread at Reality Changers when the news hit. “Most of Reality Changers’ students come San Diego’s toughest neighborhoods,” said Christopher Yanov, who founded the nationally-recognized Reality Changers program in 2001 with just $300. “Imagining dozens of our grads walking together across the famous Harvard Yard is just a dream for us.”

“There are many worthwhile college-access programs throughout the country, but Reality Changers produces results every year that stand out above the rest. The honor to partner with Reality Changers is truly ours.” Didja Fallfrit, the Executive Director of the Council on Best Practices for Ivy League Admission




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