Politifest 2012 – Junior Idea Tournament Entries

Rosa Olascoaga:

My concern is that City Heights does not have everything that it needs to serve the community. Something that would really benefit City Heights is a skate park for the skaters in the neighborhood. Building a skate park would benefit the people in the community because skaters would feel like they have a safe space to go to instead of worrying about getting hit by a car (which recently happened to my brother). Having a skate park would also keep skaters off the street and would no longer be a problem to community members frustrated with their overwhelming presence on the street. A skate park in City Heights would also benefit the community because it would be a location for people to exhibit their talents and reach out to others to pursue sports or fun recreational engagement.

Carlos Legaspi:

San Diego should have more youth groups do community service in order to become a more excellent city. I am in a youth group myself. We plan different activities and, little by little, the world has changed. If different parts of San Diego do this, the world will be a better and safer place for everyone.

Youth groups do many different activities. Recently, 30 people worked for two hours cleaning different parks. When we help out our environment like this, other people will be motivated to do the same. One person can do a lot, but everyone working together can change reality.

Some people might say this is a waste of time. They are wrong because they don’t realize that this benefits them, too. It is valuable to be useful instead of just being lazy at home. For high school students, community service will also help them on their college applications, as well.

This why there should be more youth groups in San Diego. They would make a big change.

Osvaldo Berumen:

I am a current resident of City Heights and I have noticed how a large amount of children are turning to the streets to comfort themselves from the neglect that they are receiving from home.

My proposal to solve this problem in my community is to offer more programs for these children to go and talk about their problems. I know that this could cost a lot of money and that we children can’t take out loans, but we don’t need mentors with college degrees. We can get people from our own community that want to make a change and help the future of our neighborhood.

Our helpers don’t have to be the next Dr. Phil or Oprah Winfrey; we just need someone who is willing to listen and give advice to our youth. I know this can make a huge impact because I am one of those children that doesn’t get the right attention at home and sometimes we just need someone to talk to so that we can release the emotions that we have bottled up that might otherwise just be waiting to explode.

If kids experience horrible things at a young age, they can literally become a ticking time bomb and, when the wrong thing is said to them, they can explode and react without thinking. We all know that this can be a life-ending incident. So what I propose to do is introduce a group of lovable people into my community that are willing to make a positive impact on the youth and the future of our communities.

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